We carry a comprehensive range of Steel Roadplates  in various sizes available to hire or purchase.

The dedicated Site Equipment team can arrange prompt delivery to your construction site.

Our Road Plates, forming part of our Ground Protection range, cover groundwork excavations to help keep foot and vehicle traffic moving safely. These products are popular with construction companies, highways agencies and local councils.

Benefits of Steel Road Plates

  • Manufactured from high strength steel 
  • Allows traffic to pass over trenches whilst work is carried out
  • Reduces risk of trips and falls on site 
  • Suitable for foot and vehicle traffic 
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit you 
  • Can be supplied with holding down bolts
  • Stackable for more efficient storage 
  • Protect your personnel, equipment and vehicles
  • Our Road Plates have lifting points in each corner, allowing them to be safely raised and lowered into position.

Steel Road Plates with Anti Skid Surface


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Increase Safety On Your Site 

Site safety is essential during any kind of construction and hazards should be regularly and professionally dealt with. It’s important that you protect the pedestrians, cyclists and drivers when crossing over your excavation works.

Road plates require an appropriately qualified person to calculate the required size and thickness of the steel road plate needed. The types and size of traffic should also be considered:

  • For pedestrians – 13mm thickness road plate
  • For vehicles – 20mm – 25mm road plate thickness

The plates will need securing to the road surface to ensure they remain firmly in place.

We recommend you minimise any change in road level by sinking the road plates into the surface OR by creating a ramp. If this is not possible we encourage you to place warning signs to advise of any lip or ridge that could cause a hazard.

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Our ground protection range also includes turf mats and anti-skid roadplate detail to suit all applications.


1.2 x 1.2Steel20012
1.2 x 1.2Anti-Skid21112
1.8 x 1.2Steel37020
2.4 x 1.2Steel49020
2.4 x 1.2Anti-Skid50222
3.0 x 1.5Steel105625
3.0 x 1.5Steel115025
4.0 x 2.0Anti-Skid148025
4.0 x 2.0Steel140025

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