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Grundowinch, also known as a Cable Winch is an easy and safe way of carrying out cable pulling, slip-lining and even pipe bursting (ie with Grundo Cracker). 

Allowing you to control the speed of the line and tonnage and to make sure stretching of pipe or cable is not occurring.

The Grundowinch has no exposed moving parts and features a number of safety features including an emergency stop button and stowaway wheel chocks for added stability.

This is compact and towable from site to site, complete with a 2 metre draft arm suitable for deeper pits.

Grundwinch Cable Winch Hire

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Benefits of the Grundowinch 

  • Fully controllable line speed
  • 100kN (10T) maximum pulling force 
  • 15kW 3-cylinder diesel engine
  • Adjustable boom length and extension legs to adapt to your operation 
  • Portable system that can be towed with the adjustable tow bar 
  • Hands free operation which can be overseen from a distance 
  • Sound absorbing design to reduce noise pollution on site
  • Large capacity storage drum to suit all operations 
  • Built in-line meter counter 

We also have Grundo winches on the fleet available with printers.

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