Designed to take loads in 2 directions, Push Pull Props are commonly deployed on construction sites to enable formwork plumbing and to secure against wind loadings.

Push Pull Props can be used with the SEL Slimshore Soldiers by adding a ‘T’ Connector to the top plate and fixing to the soldier as shown in the Light Duty detail For general light usage of push pull props and standard props, please see the table below. The information is based on industry standard adjustable steel props as defined by BS 4074.

In heavy duty applications, a Push Pull prop can be made up using Slimshore soldier units and accessories, as shown in the Heavy Duty detail. For most typical applications, the Slimshore push pull capacity will be limited to 65kN.

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Dimensions Possible Load - Concentric
loading & Max. 1.5° out of
Weight -
Weight -
Closed Open
m m kN kg kg
0 1.07 1.82 35 13.0 15.8
1 1.75 3.12 18 18.6 23.0
2 1.98 3.35 16 19.6 24.0
3 2.59 3.95 13 22.3 27.0
4 3.20 4.87 10 26.4 31.6
Push Pull Props

Additional Product Information

These Push Pull Props can be used with the SEL Formwork Soldiers by adding a ‘T’ Piece to the top plate with 8mm engineer nuts and bolts. Then locate the ‘T’ Piece on to the upright soldier and add a 25mm HT Steel Pin & Clip, locking the Push Pull Prop to the Strongback.

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Light Duty Push / Pull – Standard Props: 

Heavy Duty Push / Pull – Slimshore Units: