Site Equipment’s Push Pull Props are designed for the sole purpose of floor-to-wall propping at angles and are available to buy or hire from us with direct delivery to your construction or excavation site.

What are Push Pull Props?

Designed to take loads in 2 directions, Push Pull Props are commonly deployed on  construction or excavation sites to protect formwork from the effects of wind buffeting.


  • Can can be quickly and easily adjusted to any height from their starting to fully extended positions
  • No loose parts – so nothing can be lost by the operatives
  • Fully comply with comply BS 4074:1982 (Metal Props and Struts) for complete peace of mind
  • Swivel heads included in their design allowing both vertical and horizontal loads to be fully supported
  • Can be used in large-scale excavations or small site construction
  • A quality painted finish maximises protection against corrosion and weather damage
  • Designed to protect the excavation from the potentially damaging effects of wind buffeting
  • Similar to acrow props (in their main function)

Why Purchase Push Pull Props from Site Equipment?

We sell directly to the end user, with no minimum order requirements and are able to offer extremely competitive prices and fast direct delivery to your site.  If you are looking to buy Push Pull Props please contact your nearest Site Equipment depot shown below or email us at today.

Additional Product Information

Can be used with the SEL Lite Formwork Soldiers by adding a ‘T’ Piece to the top plate with 8mm engineer nuts and bolts. Then locate the ‘T’ Piece on to the upright soldier and add a 25mm HT Steel Pin & Clip, locking the Push Pull Prop to the Lite Soldier.


Size Height Closed Height Open Weight Kg WLL
PP Prop Size 0 1.14 1.83 15.8 3t
PP Prop Size 1 1.85 3.12 23.0 3t
PP Prop Size 2 2.08 3.35 24.0 2t
PP Prop Size 3 2.69 3.69 27.0 2t
PP Prop Size 4 3.30 4.88 31.6 2t
Push Pull Props