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An artist's rendering of BoxHall Bristol

Propping and Needling, BoxHall Bristol

A great example of a propping and needling project at work is the execution of a recent project for Cordwell Leisure’s development for Bristol’s BoxHall, a new BoxPark group food, music and drink hall set in two historic dockside sheds.

Site Equipment Ltd (SEL) was asked to assist Cordwell in their renovation with propping and needling work and Temporary Works Design. This was a relatively complex propping and needling operation, as it wasn’t possible to fit any propping on the ground and it was vital to create enough space to dig a trench underneath and add foundations. To allow the excavation to be undertaken without undermining the temporary structure, SEL developed a trussed structural support system on one side of the proposed opening to ensure that the supports were outside of the influence zone of the required excavations.

The most ambitious element of the project was the formation of a 14m long opening in the end gable of the site to link the internal space with the external riverside and terrace areas opposite. As well as creating the new opening, Cordwell was keen to tidy this up and restore the end gable to its historic roots with ornate brickwork that reflects its original design.

Propping and needling work on BoxPark's BoxHall Bristol
Propping and needling work on BoxHall Bristol

To form the opening, propping was required to support up to 8T per metre of masonry and roof loads being retained above the proposed opening. In addition to supporting these vertical loads, the system was required to sustain significant potential lateral forces.

The size of the proposed openings meant that significant structural steel was required to support the masonry above. This further complicated the internal support arrangement to ensure that adequate space was provided to allow the new steelwork to be safely lifted into place.

SEL’s propping solution allowed the impressive openings to be formed safely, ensuring that the facing brickwork and associated finishes were in keeping with a building of this nature to protect its heritage. The end result of the project is a strong example of how propping and needling can save existing structures and give them a new lease of life.

You can read more in our in-depth article describing the benefits of the propping and needling approach.

If you’d like advice on propping and needling, Slimshore soldiers or temporary works in general, contact your nearest SEL depot and we’ll be happy to help.

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