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Trench Sheets

Support your excavation with our range of trench sheeting and sheet piles. For all forms of temporary or permanent works.

  • Interlocking and overlapping options
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  • Trench sheets and sheet piles

What Is A Trench Sheet?

Trench sheets and trench piling is used to support the ground at the side of an excavation such as a trench.

Made from high quality materials, these sturdy sheets ensure that the excavation is held up and does not collapse during construction.

Trench sheets are commonly used for small to medium sized excavations and include both overlapping and interlocking designs.

How Do You Install Trench Sheets?

Trench sheet installation is usually achieved through the push and dig method which involves pre-digging before using an excavator with a driving cap to place the sheets in place vertically and then finally pushing them down into place using the excavator bucket.

The push and dig method is generally favoured by site workers as it’s the easiest method and requires no additional equipment other than an excavator and an appropriate bracing system.

However, the push and dig method is not always achievable so other methods including pre-drive and slit trench exist. The most optimal method will vary from project to project.

What’s The Difference Between Trench Sheets and Sheet Piles?

Sheet piles perform the same function as trench sheets, to provide support for excavations and improve the safety of workers.

Whilst the terms are often used interchangeably, sheet piles are usually used for larger sections and adjacent sheets can provide a stronger connection when compared with trench sheets. Larssen type U-Profile Sheet Piles available on request.

Hire Trench Sheets

Due to their versatility and flexibility, trench sheets can fulfil the needs of most excavation projects. At Site Equipment, we also provide a full range of trench boxes, and adjustable acrow props to meet your requirements.

With stock always available to hire or buy, contact us for highly competitive trench sheet hire prices. We have depots in Bristol, Cardiff and London enabling us to provide rapid delivery to your construction site.

All our equipment is regularly checked by our team, meets the relevant UK Health and Safety standards and is complete with test certificates where applicable. All our steel trench sheets can be supplied with piling hammers (EMV) on request.

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