Looking to hire in or purchase Propping and Needling Equipment for use in groundworks and construction?

SEL’s Slimshore soldier units can be used to enable temporary support of structural walls using conventional Propping & Needling techniques, they are often used as basement equipment.

Depending on the loading criteria, the Slimshore Needle beams may be supported using Light or Heavy duty props. The Heavy Duty props are made up using slimshore soldier units which we can supply along with other necessary equipment including push pull props. 

Please contact SEL for further information and advice on any Propping or Needling Equipment you may require.

Formwork Soldiers can be connected end to end using a 4no. or 6no. M16x40 Bolted joint, depending on the required strength. The soldiers can be used as Prop units, Raking shores, Needle Beams and more.

Propping Equipment and Needling Equipment illustration

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Key Permissible Properties
Moment Capacity42.5 kNM
Shear Capacity216.5 kN
Axial Capacity (@ 4m)232 kN
4no Bolted Joint – Moment15.5 kNm
4no Bolted Joint – Tension167 kN
6no Bolted Joint – Moment20.5 kNm
6no Bolted Joint – Tension275 kN
Key Section Properties
Material GradeS355
Net Selection Area2010.8 mm2
Net Iyy1851 cm4
Net Izz551.9 cm4

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