Looking to hire trench boxes for your construction site or groundworks project? Site Equipment offer a wide selection of construction shoring equipment and trench shields available in various sizes to support your ground excavation. 

We have depots in BristolCardiff and London enabling us to provide rapid delivery of box systems to your site. All of our trench boxes are regularly checked by our team of groundworks solutions experts, meets the relevant UK Health and Safety standards and is complete with test certificates where applicable.

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In addition to trench boxes, our range of box systems includes lightweight manhole boxes, standard manhole boxes, drag boxes and super drag boxes.

What is a Trench Box?

A trench box, sometimes referred to as a trench shield is built to act as a temporary earth retaining structure allowing excavation to have vertical or near vertical sides. This helps keep the excavation area much smaller and help minimise the potential for damage to utilities or other structures nearby. Ultimately trench boxes maximise ground workers safety by ensuring the trench they are in does not collapse in on them.

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