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End Closure Panels

End Closure Panels for our Lite, Standard and Manhole Boxes

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  • Range of widths
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End Closure Panels are available in a range of widths and two heights – 2.6m and 1.4m. The lightweight panels can be installed at the open end of a Trench or Manhole Box for additional earth support where a battered slope is not feasible, or there is no continuation of further earthwork support.

The End Closure Panels can be used with both Lite and Standard Trench and Manhole Boxes.

End Closure Panels Information Sheet

Panel LengthPanel Height
Panel Thickness
WeightPermissible Earth Pressure
1.02.6 (Base)6021057.0*
1.01.4 (Top)6013557.0*
2.02.6 (Base)6039557.0*
2.01.4 (Top)6024557.0*
2.52.6 (Base)6049039.0
2.51.4 (Top)6030039.0
3.02.6 (Base)6058527.0
3.01.4 (Top)6035527.0
3.52.6 (Base)6068020.0
3.51.4 (Top)6041020.0
*Limited by maximum permissible box pressure, always check permissible pressure against the proposed box system.

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