Dokaflex 124 Soffit Support System

Our new DokaFlex 124 soffit support system offers an extremely simple falsework system for slabs up to 30cm thick.

Using the easily visible marks on the timber formwork beams the system can be set out in minutes, requiring no measuring or further design.

With several simple components it is easy to tell from a quick visual check if the system has been correctly erected.

For more complicated layouts or slabs with supporting columns or shear walls, please contact us for a detailed design.

x… 0.5m
A Mark

A: Floor Prop with lowering head
B: Floor prop with supporting head
C: Secondary beams
D: Primary beams

Simple formwork system requiring no design input on straightforward layouts confined within supporting concrete walls. For slabs up to 30cm thick simply follow the spacings of:

  • 1 Mark: Secondary beam spacings
  • 2 Marks: Prop spacings along the primary beams
  • 4 Marks: Prop spacings between primary beams

Dokaflex System Gallery

ItemPropertyAdditional Information
Eurex Floor Props30kN CapacityAvailable sizes: 2.50m, 3.0m & 3.50m
Doka Folding Tripod TOP11.95 kg / 80cm HeightFor securing floor props
H20 Timber formwork beams200mm Depth
80mm Width
Available sizes: 2.65m, 2.90m, 3.90m & 5.90m
Lowering HeadAllows for quick striking of the system by hammer blow lowering mechanism.
Supports single or twinned beams.
4-Way U-HeadSupports single or twinned beams depending on orientation
Supporting HeadFor intermediate supports of primary beams

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