The most commonly used skip, the Coneflow is ideal for big pours or areas where space is not an issue.

Operated by a wheel on the side of the skip so that the machine operator has a good view of the workforce at all times.

The skip is contracted of steel with a reinforced frame making it robust and durable enough for heavy usage. 

Coneflow skips are extremely versatile and enable fast and accurate concreting, they can be used in a number of different concrete laying operations such as slabs, formwork cavities, walls, columns and more.

The unique curved shape of the skip allows for better control and easy concrete flow, the angled discharge means that the skip performs well where access is limited. The skip features a laydown facility to make filling easier. 

Fitted with lifting handles, the skip can also be lifted by a crane or other lifting equipment. 

Sizes of 500l and 1000l are available.

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Our  full range of concreting skips also includes rollover / column skips.

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