Site Equipment offer a range of ancillaries as part of our Formwork Equipment range, please see more details below.

Dividag Pressed Washer Plate


  • Weight .85kg each
  • Dimensions: 120x120x10mm
  • Pressed Pattern
  • Ultimate Fail Load 180kN

Dividag Wing Nut

Wing nuts are used to secure tie bars in place in formwork applications. Specifications: 

  • Weight .35g each
  • Ultimate Fail Load 180kN

Dividag Tie Bar

Suitable for use on most materials, tie bars are secured in place by wing nuts. Specifications: 

  • 6mtr long
  • 15mm diameter
  • 9kg per bar


Plastic Tubing

2m study plastic tube with a 22mm diameter, for use with formwork systems. 

Shuttering Chemicals

We carry an extensive range of shuttering chemicals in 25 litre plastic containers

Ranging from mould oils to concrete curing agents – all available. Please call us for more details.

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