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Impact Moles

The simplest way of getting a pipe or cable through displaceable soils

  • Trenchless installation of pipes
  • Minimal excavation required
  • Cost effective vs other trenchless methods
  • Up to 20m in length
  • Nationwide delivery


An Impact Mole (otherwise referred to as a soil displacement hammer or an earth piercing tool) is the simplest way of getting a pipe or cable through displaceable soils such as sand, loam and gravel.

Impact moles are a popular non destructive and low-cost trenchless installation method used for the installation of pipes. Impact moles are driven through the ground by compressed air and as a result, require minimal excavation.

If you are looking to hire Impact Moles to help position pipes underground and need a prompt, professional service with competitive rates and fast, reliable delivery then give Site Equipment a call today.

We offer mole hire or purchase for sites across the UK from one of our fully equipped depots.

Benefits of Impact Moles

  • Impact Moles are available from 45mm up to the new 180mm size and this easy to use A to B system is ideal for your needs
  • Up to 20m in length
  • Two small pits, one entry and one exit is all that is required
  • The design prevents any real damage and disruption to the area
  • Minimal excavation required
  • Wide range of towing heads available
  • Forward and reverse gear
  • Bull nose reverse towing compatible
  • Cost effective solution vs other trenchless methods

Impact Mole Accessories

We stock a wide range of impact mole accessories and supply the following as standard with every order:

  • Optical Sights (Laser / Standard)
  • Safety Launchers with Pins
  • Lubricators
  • Air Hoses
  • Ranging Rod

Additionally, we can supply mole oil & antifreeze mole oil as an optional extra if required.

Common Applications of Impact Moles

Common applications of impact moling equipment are the installation of small diameter pipes including water mains,
sewage pipes, gas pipes and other underground services underneath roads, pavements, railroads and other crossings.

Mole Cable Laying

In addition to pipes, impact moles can also be used for cable moling to lay electric cables, fibre optic cabling and phone cables. An impact mole is sometimes referred to as a cable mole when used for this application.

When choosing your impact mole, always allow an extra 30%.

To ensure there is no friction or drag, it is important that the impact mole is larger than the product. For example, 45mm lays pipes up to 32mm but if you are in doubt, contact the team at Site Equipment Ltd.

Nationwide Mole Hire

If you are interested in an impact mole or any of our other trenchless technology for your next construction project, our experienced moling contractors can help. Contact us today on 0117 982 8236 or find your nearest depot.

Impact Moles Safe Use Instructions

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