Looking to Hire an Impact Mole?

If you’re looking to hire Impact Moles to help position pipes underground and need a prompt, professional service with competitive rates and fast, reliable delivery then give Site Equipment a call today.

More about Impact Moles

The Impact Mole (aka a Soil Displacement Hammer) is the simplest way of getting a pipe or cable through good ground (up to 20m in length) and typically under gardens or crossing paths and roads. They’re ideal for when you’re not being able to open cut a trench.

Impact Moles are available from 45mm up to the new 180mm size and this easy to use A to B system is ideal for your needs.

Two small pits, one entry and one exit is all that is required.

They vary in size from 1.5m long and 700mm wide preventing any real damage to the area.

For example, 45mm lays pipes up to 32mm but if you are uncertain then do get in touch with us and we can sort this for you.

Whatever your need Site Equipment are always here to help – call the closest office to you below with any questions or request a quote:

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