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Acrow Props for Hire or Sale

A reliable, adjustable vertical support

  • Open heights from 1.82m to 4.87m
  • High permissible load
  • Competitive rates
  • Nationwide delivery


Acrow props which are also referred to as adjustable props are widely used throughout the construction industry to provide temporary support for applications such as walls, propping and needling, formwork and trenches.

Our floor to soffit support system with fixing holes will keep the prop in the position required. Supplementary scaffold tube and fittings are also available if required.

The props are available in five different sizes to suit your requirements, with open heights ranging from 1.82m through to 4.87m.

How much weight can an acrow take?

The maximum capacity of our acrow props is 3.5T with a capacity of 1.8T at 3m length.

Can you use an acrow prop horizontally?

Acrow props are not designed or intended to be used horizontally. For horizontal bracing, Slimshore should be used instead.

Why are they called Acrow props?

Acrow props were developed in the 1930s and quickly replaced wooden props, the name was chosen as it is easy to pronounce and also appears at the start of alphabetical lists. Many still refer to adjustable props as acrow props today.

Next Steps

If our acrow props could benefit your next project, contact our nearest depot or call us on 0117 982 8236 for more information and up to date pricing.

Looking for more steel props? We also have a range of high quality Push Pull Props available for rapid delivery to your site.

Acrow prop types

SizeHeight ClosedHeight OpenWeightPermissible Load –
Concentric loading &
Max. 1.5° out of plumb.
Type 01.071.821335
Type 11.753.1218.618
Type 21.983.3519.616
Type 32.593.9622.312
Type 43.204.8726.410

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