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Multi-test Airtest Stoppers

A range of inflatable test stoppers designed for use on a standard 100mm water gauge air test

  • Single stopper covers a range of pipe sizes
  • Inflate and seal any size pipe within 100mm range
  • Competitive rates
  • Nationwide delivery


These stoppers offer advantages over other designs as individual stoppers cover a range of pipe sizes. Each stopper can inflate and seal any kind of pipe within a 100mm range. Using the Multitest range means making savings by needing less equipment to carry out a wider range of pipe testing. Stoppers normally supplied as a pair, one stopper fitted with a nipple to pressurise the sewer and the other supplied as a blank end.

Choose from the following sizes:

  • 100-200
  • 150-300
  • 300-400
  • 400-500
  • 500-600
  • 600-700
  • 700-800
  • 800-900
  • 900-1050
  • 1050-1200
  • 600-1200

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