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Standard Blockgrab

An everyday use blockgrab for pack sizes from 500mm to 1080mm

  • Safe Working Load of 1800kg
  • Can be used with Safety Net
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Competitive rates


Hire or Buy a Blockgrab to Move Bricks Safely

When it comes to safely and efficiently moving heavy construction materials, such as bricks, blocks, kerb stones, and paving blocks, the Block Grab is the ideal solution. At Site Equipment, we offer both hire and purchase options for this versatile lifting equipment.

Designed with convenience and load protection in mind, our block grabs feature rubber jaws that securely grip the materials without causing any damage. Whether you’re loading or unloading products onto vehicles, the automatic operation of the block grab ensures smooth and efficient handling, making it well-suited for single-operator use.

The Block Grab can be easily attached to cranes providing flexibility in various job site scenarios. We recommend the use of a safety net alongside the block grab to prevent any potential accidents or material spillage during lifting operations.

With a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1800kg, our block grab is capable of lifting and moving packs of bricks or blocks of various sizes. It offers a reliable and secure lifting solution, enabling you to transport heavy loads with ease and reducing the risk of injuries or damages.

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