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Pipe Pullers & Culvert Pipe Pullers

Safely and quickly join reinforced concrete pipes and culverts of up to 30 tons

  • Various models to choose from
  • For use with pipes of up to 3m diameter and beyond
  • Low maintenance design
  • Nationwide delivery


A culvert puller is an electrohydraulic machine which is used to safely and quickly join reinforced concrete pipes and culverts.

Our pipe handling equipment range includes culvert pipe pullers, often referred to as turfers which cover 800mm right up to 3000mm and Culvert Pullers with pulling capacity of 30 tonnes.

The culvert pipe puller is designed to join a variety of pipe sizes and materials quickly and safely. This patented and low maintenance design includes two hydraulic models to use inside pipes of 42 – 144 inches in diameter.

Safe and easy to use, this culvert pipe puller is powered by a 12-volt battery and can be used to join large sections of concrete pipe, steel pipe or box culvert weighing up to 30 tonnes. Our range of culvert pipe pullers is also laser compatible.

Our remote-controlled culvert puller operates from outside the pipe for maximum safety and comes with the following specifications:

  • Model type 5516
  • Capacity 30 tons
  • Weight 255kg
  • Recommended 25mm wire rope pulling sling
  • Batteries 12 Volt DC group 27
  • 12 Volt M3218L (motorcycle)
  • Oil reservoir capacity 32 litres

RZE16 Pipe Puller & Culvert Puller

The RZE16 pipe and culvert puller ranges from 800mm to 3 metres high (internal measurements) and up to 5 metre width (external measurements).

With 8 hours of battery, it is able to carry out a full days work. A spare battery and charger is supplied for next days work. Everything is fully automatic and operated from a cable remote.

Why hire with SEL

Site Equipment offers a full range of Culvert Pullers available to accommodate all sizes of pre-cast culverts and weights. Our team can supply you with professional on-site training and set up tutorials on request. Our Pullers can also be set up based on your drawings or plans.

Mity Mite Pipe Puller Safe Use Instructions

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