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We have depots in BristolCardiff and London enabling us to provide rapid delivery of trenchless technology to your site. All of our equipment is regularly checked by our team, meets the relevant health and safety standards and is complete with test certificates where applicable.

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Trenchless technology is a way of working to enable minimal disturbance to the site you are working on, be this a busy main road to a customer’s garden. By only having one launching and one receiving pit this eliminates the need to excavate long stretches and reinstate the existing road/pavement etc.

Pipe bursting is a form of trenchless technology which allows Quicklock rods to be pushed into the host pipe until they reach the receiving pit, from here all tooling is connected including the new pipe to be laid. The pipeburster is now ready to pull back through bursting the host pipe as it makes its way back to the launch pit, leaving the new pipe installed and the host pipe broken and disbursed into the earth. This form of pipe rehabilitation is one of the most effective and economical on the market.

Impact moles work on the same principals as the pipeburster, you have a launch and receiving pit. The impact mole is mainly used for new services rather than existing and creates its own bore ranging from 45mm up to 180mm. this is another method of laying pipes/duct without leaving a large footprint and the costly process of excavation.

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Site Equipment have built up many years of experience in supply trenchless technology equipment to Excavation and Civil Engineering Contractors in the UK.

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With our professionalism and dedication to service, we offer all the benefits of renting or buying trenchless technology, helping you save on your costs, with none of the disadvantages you might experience elsewhere.

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