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Davit Safety Systems

Designed for the safe entry and exit of an excavation or trench

  • Fits SEL Trench box systems
  • Fits SEL Trench sheets
  • Compatible with Cofferdam Safety Panel System
  • Free-standing base available for manholes
  • Nationwide delivery


The Davit Safety System was designed for the safe entry and exit of an excavation or trench.

It comes in five sections, the base or clamp, the Davit crane, a winch, a fall arrest block and, of course, a harness.

This system can be fitted on to the SEL Trench Box System and Trench Sheet by simple way of changing the base. Also available is a counter balance base, so free standing over a manhole can be achieved.

All Davit arms are fully compatible with the Trench Box and Cofferdam Safety Panel System.

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