Hire or Buy a Grundoburst Pipe Bursting System

When it comes to pipe bursting then Grundo Bursters are trusted across the building industry to lead the way. Offering a cost-effective way to burst mains, sewer or water pipes made of cast iron, steel, uPVC or more enabling an easier, safer way to replace failing pipework. The Grundoburst 400g and 800g systems are very easy to use and only require a maximum of 2 operators.

Site Equipment Ltd hire out Grundoburst 400G and 800G pipebursting systems for short to long term rental periods. We can efficiently arrange delivery to your site and ensure your team are properly trained to safely use this equipment.

The Grundoburst range offers customers a complete rig that’s easily set up and operated to provide a trenchless method of repairing and rehabilitating buried pipelines.

Benefits of Grundoburst

  • Simple installation allows your operation to start sooner
  • Can be operated by one person (with a remote control)
  • The unit’s compact size allows for use in smaller sites and pits
  • Low weight for easier manoeuvrability on-site
  • Quick working cycles and higher performance as standard
  • Fully supplied with 100M of rods, extra rods are available on request
  • Fast rod pushing through of the old pipe length and fast pulling in of new pipes

Common Applications 

  • Burst mains, sewer or water pipes
  • Replace failing pipework
  • Suitable for pipes up to 6” made of cast iron, UPVC, asbestos cement, clay, concrete and steel

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Additional Technical Details and Specifications

There are only six main pieces of equipment used on a pipe burster: the rod, the expander, towing head, rig (power pack), bursting unit and delta blade­ (rollerblade).

Check out the following technical specifications for more information:

Total Weight251 Kg
Dimensions Length, Width & Height600mm x 490mm x 340mm
Thrust Force @ 200 bar275kN
Pulling Force @ 250 bar400kN
Manhole Diameter1000mm
Bursting Rod Length470mm
Bursting Rod Effective Length700mm
Dimensions Bursting Rig LxWxH1420mm x 560mm x 520mm
Operators RequiredMinimum of 1, maximum of 2

Site Visit & Delivery

We offer a site visit for all our pipe-bursting equipment to ensure the location is suitable and checking for any potential obstructions such as tree roots. If you would like to speak to one of our expert team about our pipe bursting equipment and to book a site visit please contact us today.

During delivery all Grundoburst pipe bursters are sent on a trailer, having a choice of the amount of meterage per day and all bursting rigs are supplied with 100M of rods, extra rods for both 400G and 800G are available on request.

We also have available a 35mm rod system for 50mm pipes. We offer a site visit for all our pipe-bursting equipment, as well as providing trusted help and advice.

If you would like to speak to one of our expert team about our pipe bursting equipment or to arrange an initial visit please call us directly at one of our locations that’s closest to you:

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