We offer a range of external pipe pullers available to hire or buy. 

Suitable for vitrified clay and concrete pipework, the unit offers powerful joining with a hydraulic installation. 

With a range of sizes, our pipe pulling devices can handle pipes with diameters ranging from 200mm – 1250mm 

Our pipe pullers feature tensioning devices, clamping jaws and adjustable tensioning arms for ensuring a safe grip on the pipework. 

Operated with a hand pump, these pipe pullers are an effective solution for your next pipe laying operation. 

How to Operate External Pipe Pullers

  • To operate, simply lift the puller over the pipe (close to the collar) then by positioning the lever to operate the grab arms, pump the handle up and down until the arms are tight and secure around the belly of the pipe.
  • Move handles to position 2 for the operation of your pulling home arms and chains alongside the pipe you’re about the pull home. Secure the chains to the pipe pulling beam then switch position levers and pump again with the pulling force of 1.5 tonnes.
  • Finally, simply reverse this procedure and move to the next pipe.


ModelPulling ForceFor Pipe Diameter (Outside)Weight
RZA600 – 12501.5600 – 1250317
RZA350 – 7501.5 350 – 750177
RZA200 – 4300.5200 – 43042

Hire or Buy Pipe Pullers 

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