H Series Double Acting Manhole Frames

Designed for larger excavations, our H Frame Series Double Acting Manhole Frame is a tried and tested bracing system with interchangeable brace leg sizes. Ideal for larger tank excavations at depth.

When digging excavations, always remember to take into account the measurements for the Trench Sheet pan depth as well as the Manhole Frame section.

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TypeSheet to Sheet RangeSection SizeLeg WeightMin ExtensionMax Extension
H403030 – 383025049010876
H40X3000 – 450025055016070
H473680 – 44802505298654
H604000 – 60002508009541
H755500 – 750030012707037
H805000 – 800030012849335
H907000 – 900035015506035
H90X7000 – 1100035020006425

For clear internal distances, please subtract 360mm from the sheet to sheet measurement. Please note this does not allow for deflection.

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