Double Acting Brace System

Our ever popular Bracing System with legs which can be interchanged. For example, Type A legs (2m to 3m) and Type E legs (6m – 7m) form a brace which is 7m x 3m.

Loadings given are at maximum extension.

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Type Sheet to Sheet Range Leg Weight Permissable Load (Max Extension.)
mm kg kN/m
A 2000 - 3000 260 65
B 3000 - 4000 305 41
C 4000 - 5000 390 25.5
D 5000 - 6000 445 19
E 6000 - 7000 627 18.5

For clear internal distances, please subtract 360mm from the sheet to sheet measurement. Please note this does not allow for deflection.